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COVID-19 Drivers' Obligations

At Sydney Group Transfer, we are always trying our best to provide excellent service to our passengers.

During COVID-19, we ask Our drivers to follow the below safety plans.

Drivers must be fully vaccinated

Wear a facemask inside the vehicle

Confirm the exact number of passengers

Check hand sanitisers supply

Arrive and stop the bus in a safe position

Call the passenger contact to ensure they are ready

Inform passengers that they are required to sit on the allocated seats

Ensure all passengers are in good health before depart

Check all passengers are present and sit in their allocated seats

If there is any health safety incidents during the transfer, report to company operator immediately

After your service on the day, you as the driver will

Dispose of your face mask properly

Complete daily record

Dispose of any rubbish properly

Notify company operator that you have returned the bus to Depot

Driver must stay at home if feeling unwell


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